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Further to my post about trying a quality Dac I was thinking of the Chord Qutest it does get good reviews but quite a few reviewers say it is over priced and also the power cable that comes with it needs chucking and a linear one used. This then makes it even more not very good value, so anyway I have seen that my dealer also has a Dac just slightly more expensive the Pro ject Dac Box RS2 I couldn't find many reviews for it have any of you guys any info or experience of it, there doesn't seem to be much choice around that price. Cheers.

I’m not a DAC swapper, as I tend to choose/prefer whatever is in the box, be that streamer or CD player. As it happens, I have a pal with a Hegel H360, the generation before the H190 you’re considering. He used a Qutest for several years and rated it. It always sounded good to my ears, but he’s gone for the more costly Hugo + M-Scaler now. Chords always sound super clean and detailed to me.

All I can say is the differences in DACs is subtle, but if you hear what you like then you may find the right one for you. Synergy - often a bit overused imho - with your ears and system is vital if you‘re finessing, so you really need it on home trial or returnable. Can your dealer offer this? Otherwise, just stick with the Hegel.
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