Cable suggestions for Icon - Musical Fidelity - ATC system


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Aug 10, 2019
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So many cables out there that I could do with some suggestions to get the most out of my system!

The source is an Icon Audio CD-X1 Signature (valve cd player) via Atlas Titan interconnect into an Icon LA4MKII Signature valve pre-amp. Between the pre and power, which is a Musical Fidelity A5cr, I've got an inexpensive pure copper interconnect. I'm biwiring my ATC SCM40 speakers with Atlas Hyper 2 running to the bass driver, and some very thick multistranded copper going to the tweeter and mid.

The inexpensive copper stuff is in there for purely tonal reasons. I had tried using Titan interconnects for both stages but though that extracted even more detail and produced astonishing imaging it tipped the treble slightly over into 'harshness'.

It's sounding lovely as it is but I have a sense that there's even more potential in there that could be brought out by the right cables and perhaps some other minor tweaks.

It may be my 46-year-old tinnitis-riddled ears but I absolutely have to have a smooth upper treble, though I also want good detail and imaging. Ok, I admit it, I want it all, but don't want to pay the earth for it!

So, suggestions will be gratefully received.Cheers!


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Aug 21, 2009
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My suggestion would be Cardas Cross....but it's not cheap, so you would need to have the ability to return it if not suitable.

Very nice system btw.



Thanks, CNO. Have never heard Cardas cables but will seek them out. On another forum someone has just suggested Audience and Analysis Plus cables. When I looked at the price of the Audience stuff I almost laid an egg, and, evidently it's not nearly as expensive as some.


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