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Bristol Show and THX competition winners

Andy Clough

New member
Apr 27, 2004
It's taken a while to sort, but we can finally reveal the winners of our Bristol Show and THX competitions. We had £10,000 worth of Award-winning kit up for grabs at Bristol this year, and the winners are:

Paul Hatt, Pawel Smigel both win a Vita Audio R1 MkII DAB radio

Bindia Kriplani: Sony KDL-37EX503 TV

G Robinson: Sony BDP-S570 Blu-ray player

Mark Peard: Naim UnitiQute network music player

Gemma Hunt: Leema Tucana 2 amplifier

John Watson: Kudos X2 speakers

Alastair Newell: Tannoy HTS101 speaker package

Jeff Henley: Sky+ HD 1TB set-top box

Amarjeet Bhacha: Panasonic SC-BTT755 Blu-ray system

Dave Russell: Klipsch Image X10i headphones

Jason Little, Valeska Ting, Jenny Organ, Tim McCarthy and Ian Glendenning each get a Chord Co Active Silver Plus HDMI cable.

And not forgetting forum poster 'wolfcrusader' who wins our Onkyo THX 5.1 system.

Congratulations all! Enjoy your prizes.



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