Blu-ray players and disc region compatability


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Sep 23, 2008
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Apologies if this is a very simplistic question:

I would like to buy a Panasonic BDT210 blu-ray player from a Uk-based supplier and have a question on compabibility. I am assuming that the player has not been modified in any way so it is as supplied by the manufacturer.

Obviously it will play Region 2 DVDs - but what about Region 1 DVDs ?

For Blu-ray discs I assume it will only play Region B discs - can it be 'hacked' to play Region A ones ?

Any info appreciated.
Some dealers sell the Panasonic 210 already modded to play multiregion DVDs, like this.

Alternatively, there are a few ways to make it multiregion for DVDs, like this.

Hardware mods are available for around £80 - £90 to make it multizone for blu-rays. It's cheaper to buy region B discs unless you want a disc which is only available for region A.


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