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best shallow wall mounted centre speaker setup


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Jul 6, 2007
Hi there.

I want to buy a new home cinema surround setup and my issue is the centre speaker. This will need to be wall mounted under my TV and above the fireplace. The width is not an issue (i have a 65" LG CX Tv) . The issue is the height and depth of the speaker.

It has to be no more than 100mm deep and 150mm high.

I am happy to throw some money at the problem (i.e between £500-800 for the centre speaker.

Once we have decided on the cnetre speaker, i need to decide on the rest of the setup. LR, and surrounds. I also i need to know what amp people would suggest. i don't need thousands of different modes, just great quality.

Total budget for speakers and amp is around 5K.



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Dec 22, 2006
With regards to amp, I can recommend Marantz, Denon, Yamaha and Anthem. Are you looking at a 5.1 setup or 7.1 or Atmos based?
I was going to suggest Anthem as well. They have just released a new model so the old ones are being sold off at bargain prices. Anthem bargain prices that is, all relevant.
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Thanks folks. I am leaning toward the sound frame speakers. Which anthem amp do you suggest and where is it on sale?
It depends on how many speakers you have, as per my next question. Anthem is widely available, including at Richer Sounds. For a 5-speaker setup MRX 540 or if still available, 520 is fine. For 7.1 setup, 740. And for a full 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos setup, it'll be 1140. 520, 720 and 1120 are previous generation models which can be had for cheap. The just released 540, 740 and 1140 support HDMI 2.1 and are 8K upgradeable.



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