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best components to use with this setup


Mar 14, 2021
hi i want to use a set of speakers with the topping e30/l30 combo i was thinking jbl 305p mk2 speakers i want it for all out action gun blazing heavy explosive blockbuster movies plus for pop rock heavy metal rave techno house r&b hip hop funk classical orchestra in that order

plus same for playing games as well

or instead of the jbl 305p mk2 speakers what would give me the sound quality at top performance level that the e30/l30 can do taking into account what i like above

also could i add a intergrated amplifier in addition with the e30/l30 combo as well if so what would be the perfect intergrated amplifier for this setup as well
equipment i have already i have playstation 5 disc version
new xbox console that has just been released

plus panasonic ub820 4k player
plus a hawaii mate 20 pro
iphone pro 11
plus fiio mk3 mp3 player
supereye mp3 player
tiimoo mp3 player as well thanks



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