Best blu ray player JUST for picture quality

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Feb 2, 2013
ellisdj said:
seemorebtts said:
ellisdj said:
duaplex said:
There should be 3 players on your demo list

Marantz 7007

Cambridge 752

Oppo 103

These players are exceptional, the Oppo just edges it for me. The bigger your screen the more benefit you get with these expensive players. What I mean is, the difference is not so obvious on smaller sets.

Would love to hear what you choose

I would love to do a showdown on all 3 of these against my LX55 to see what the differences are if any - that would be a fun day

my friend has the same set up as yours and he got the sony s790 blu ray player looked great though his meridian projector give it a try too:p

Having a Meridian Projector - now thats just showing off - I am well jel !

old one he works there so got it cheep


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