Marantz, OPPO, Reavon, SONY 4K UHD Blu-Ray universal player advice or recommendations?

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Would that be Panasonic’s DP9000EB1?

I accompanied a friend to a store demo. some years back & still remember thinking the Panasonic player’s video performance was peerless at that time.

But had hoped to find a 4K UHD Blu-Ray player(or ripper/server) with 2/5.1 channel SACD playback functionality(?) DVD-A playback is less important for me.

Appreciate your input.


It's a BDT 500. Think it retailed around £400 when new. Because it was a "Engineers Repair" it cost just over £100.

Not only is the picture quality really good but also plays CDs to a very decent levels

Just found the 2012 review at £300. It's a fully loaded model.

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