B&W CM8 vs KEF XQ40 vs KEF R500


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi All,

i've demoed all of the above and it's very hard to make a decision.

I find the B&W lacking some bass, but that might have been because of the size of the room I heard them in.

I loved the XQ40, and they are on sale as they will be replaced by the Rseries from KEF.

I also love the front bass ports, because they will be pretty close (15cm) to the wall in my room.

My wife linkes the looks of the new R500 alot, so that's why it's here. The R500 wasn't properly played in yet, but sounded very good to me too.

The room is 10m x 5m, but they will be placed along side part of the 10m wall, 3m in between them.

The B&W's would be paired with a CM sub an FPM2 monitors. The Kefs with T101 and a Kef sub.

I would like to pair them to either a NAD T757 or Marantz SR7005.

I like a warm sound, which combinations sounds best to you?


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A room the size of yours may be too large for the CM8's, which are predominantly designed for medium to small(ish) rooms.

I have the CM8's in a room that's 14 X 16 foot and it feels about right.

If you chose to go down the B&W route, you might want to consider the CM9's as an alertnative.


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