B&W 805s or Dali Mentor 2?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I decided that it is time for new blood. I have a fairly small room (30m2) and current running with B&W 602 speakers with B&W 675 sub, but I feel a upgrade is needed when listening to music . Any advice? Christian


I have not heard 805s in person, but I know that B&W speakers in that price range have a great reputation. Having said that, I'll never rule out the Mentors for an audition. Very capable speakers from what I know.
What is gonna be the source and amplification like?


A lot depends on your front end. I owned the 805S's for some time and thoguth they were great until I heard the Merlin TSM-MX. American speakers and wiped the floor with the B & W's. There are a pair going on hififorsale.com (or is it .co.uk?). These are the creme de la creme but your Amplifier and CDP and cabling must be high quality.

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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We tested them head-to-head in our May 2007 issue, along with the ATC SCM19s and Wilson Benesch Square Ones. Uniquely for a Group Test of this type, all four sets of speakers scored five-stars - all are excellent but in different ways. We felt the Wilson Benesch pair had the edge on all of them, but here are the For/Against and Verdicts for the whole lot:

For - Dynamic, neutrality and loudness capability; rugged build
Against - Ruthless nature won't please all
Verdict -Want to hear what they heard in the stuidio? These ATCs are the closest you'll get in this test.

B&W 805S
For - A beautifully balanced sound that works well with all types of music; excellent build and great aesthetics.
Against - They're not a tonally neutral as some.
Verdict - The oldest speakers in this test continue to be some of the best: the 805S remain very hard to beat.

Dali Mentor 2
For - Fine treble; informative, full-bodied and lively sound.
Against - Don't like very high volume levels; twin tweeter arrangement spoils proportions
Verdict - The Mentor 2s put musical enjoyment before all else; not for party volumes, though.

Wilson Benesch Square One
For - Speed, insight and dynamics are breathtakingly good; works well in a close-to-the-wall position; compact size.
Against - Finish on our review sample could be better (EDIT - WB has since addressed this)
Verdict - The Square Ones are fabulous, delivering true high-end Wilson Benesch sound for very sensible money.


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