B&W 385 0r Br2/Br5


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Aug 10, 2019
I am looking to buy new speakers to go with my Rotel Rao4 Amp and Marantz Cd63 KI cd player. Looking at the B&W 385 or Monitor Audio Br2. Have also thought of the Br5. Any advice would be gratefully received!!

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
The Monitor Audio BR2s (on decent stands - think £60ish for Soundstyle Z2s at least) would be a good starting point, but the BR5s - or KEF's iQ5SEs for the same money (£400) would be a step up in balance, detail, dynamics and low-end presence - as you'd expect for something in the next size/price class up.

By the B&W 385, I assume you mean the 685 that costs £380? These - on £100+ stands, such as Partington Dreadnoughts - are awesome for the money. I'd strongly suggest you audition them against the KEFs and bigger B&Ws if your budget allows - as you don't mention the size of your room or the positioning your speakers will be/need to be in, there's some flexibility here.

Any of these three speakers would also be happy on the end of higher-level electronics that your (excellent) pair, giving you an upgrade path....


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