AX763 vs Alpha 9; Also HDMI passthrough question


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Aug 19, 2008
My system fix-it budget has been curtailed so I can no longer stretch to an AX863SE or AVR350 to replace my Alpha 9/E492 surround amplification.

Number one on the audition list is now Yamaha's AX763.

While I want to reduce the amp count do you think it worthwhile retaining the Alpha 9 to drive the front speakers?
I want to know if the tonal difference between amps cause more issues than it solves?
And will the AX763 standup well in comparison for sterio output?

Also I see the AX763 does not upscale.
At present this isn't an issue - I have no HDMI sources or capable TV - however if this changed would feeding a pre-upscaled signal (e.g. from a DVD player) through the amp to the TV have an effect on the signal quality?

Thanks as always :)


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Nov 15, 2008
I use a hifi amp/AV receiver combo. I used to run an Arcam Alpha 8 with my old Yamaha amp and it worked a treat. I have since upgraded to a Denon amp and again, run the two amps to get the best of out music and movies. I haven't experienced any tonal differences or problems. You will only tell how good the 763 is good for music by listening to it in your room with your speakers and most importantly your ears. I would imagine your trusty Arcam will sound better for stereo duties, you'll be used to the sound for a start.

Don't worry about scaling in budget receivers, they're only cheap scalers and your source and TV will more than adequately handle scaling duties. It's just another feature that they've added to budget amps at the expense of something else (usually sound quality).



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