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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello All

I need some advice. I am in the market for a Hi-Fi and AV system. I am not sure what to get. I was looking at the Onkyo TX-SR605E andf the Kef 1010 Speakers for a surround sound system. I already own a PS3. Now, do I need a separate Hi-fi system with this setup or will I feel that the music lacks substance and presence. The last thing I want is to spend all my money of an AV system and feel it lets me down when music is played through it.

I was thinking of purchasing a CD player to play throught the AV Amp. Maybe a Cyrus CD8SE? Would the AV amp do it justice?

Any help would be great.




Depends on what your used too. I have a Onkyo 605 and an Audiolab 8000CD playing through a pair of B&W CM2's and I really like the sound. Not sure if the amp is letting the cd player do its absolute best but it does not sound like it is holding it back! Not to bothered as i got the cd player ex display (nearly half price) I find it to be a Very revealing system which suggests to me that the amp seems quite transparent if that makes sense! Probably the best you could hope for with a fairly cheap AV amp.

Do buy a dedicated cd player but would not recomend spending more than £400 and even then you would need a much better set of speakers. I know that there are a couple of sevenoaks stores with ex display audiolab cd players at less than £400.


if you're worried about the muscial performance of the onkyo get the
SR4/5002 from marantz, no hd soundtracks (but most blu-ray's dont have
them yet anyway, even though some discs say they do!) but its a
classier sounding amp, if you can do without the auto-setup you may
even be able to find a 4/5001 going even cheaper. As for the cd, a
cd6002 will suit it perfectly.

if you opt for the onkyo, i wouldn't consider spending anything over £300 on a cd player.(same goes for the marantz)

- or -

instead of having the cyrus 8, get a £600 amp (you'll get more features - Yamaha 861/Marantz 6002/Denon ??) a £300 cd player and spend more on the speakers (do you mean the 1005.2's or the QA 1010's?) you'll have a much better system.


It's always going to be a compromise i'm afraid. You can either use AV amp as preamp with power amp for the (higher spec) front speakers, or (as i do) spend it all on 2.1 and get better sound but without surround.