12 of the best songs by The Beatles to test your hi-fi system


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More bottom of the barrel nonsense.

Scratchy 1960s recordings, on ancient recording equipment, many in mono to really stretch your state of the art streaming amp. Garbage.

The sound quality is horrendous on most, if not all of their material and I hate their music anyway.

If you want to test your system, stream some new, 24bit, well recorded house/deep house, or trance stuff that's been meticulously produced to make the most of modern playback hardware.

You might prefer the Liverpudlian monononsense from the 60s, but the new stuff is designed to have impact and use the full range of high fidelity components.

We'll be asked to buy black and white Laurel and Hardy DVDs next, to test our 55" 4k TVs.

'Just look how black and white those blacks and whites are'.

This site is getting worse.
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Jul 31, 2023
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The magazine. our respected and valued host, as many or most forum members -and most other 21st century fans, now prefer watching rather than listening to music. Fidelity is incidental -at best; so, there's an embedded paradox here indeed.

I recall -incidentally- an elegant, low-key presentation by Thiel Audio at the 1985 CES show in Chicago. They played a King's Singers' Eleanor Rigby to demo the joyful listening of a new model -at least while I was in that listening room. I still use that track and "standard" CD to enjoy and demonstrate, not challenge my "system".

Cheerful watching and listening to all!


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