AV amp good in stereo??????


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am looking to buy an AV receiver but I am concerned that the quality of sound in stereo will not improve on my current cyrus 6 amp. Is there an AV amp for around the 1000 pound mark that is actually good in stereo? I could then use the cyrus in another room. I have been considering the new Onkyo txsr875 receiver and wondered if you could bi amp speakers with it using one of the extra zones to help get a better sound with music and if id does really improve the quality Thanks


The Onkyo can definately been assigned to bi amp as I was also thinking of buying this amp and looked into it at the time. In the end i bought a Yamaha RXv2600 which also has the function to assign channels to Bi amp. The yamaha works very well in stereo for me but i wouldn't like to comment re the onkyo and i'm sure neither will be as effective as the cyrus amp you are currently using.