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Sep 1, 2007
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For me it was a mixed show. I would have liked to see more
pure hifi demonstrations.

That been said the AV demo I found most enjoyable was that
of the Optoma. I could have spent the whole afternoon there.

I also enjoyed the Wilson Benesch, which was like an oasis.
The detail present reminded me of Lowthers and the kind of clarity you get with

I enjoyed meeting the Sonos people and their products. I
had considered their range about a year ago before investing in a
Roku/Ethernet/Maxtor Nas set up. Now Sonos have heavily reduced their prices
this makes this a temping proposition again.

I had a long and very enjoyable chat with the technical
director of Chord Cables. I was surprised that he knew my speakers and cable
(both Townshend). I told him of my dilemma, that I needed to find a second
cable to go with the Townshend Isolda (biwire). He suggested another pair of
Isolda cables.I told him I could not afford a second pair (first pair
bought from EBay at 40% of new cost). He tentatively suggested some Chord
Rumour but stressed I needed to borrow some from a shop to try it out. Not
really a hard sell which was very refreshing.

I was also impressed Fatman products for playing ipod/MP3 sources
through valve equipment. I am not a fan of MP3 but the Fatman amps where both
stylish and sounded very good. I could live with that sound. My sister who cam
with even hinted that she would like one of these for Xmas (maybe if I win the

The only really down side happened after the show. Being
disabled I rely on travelling by car. I contacted the show organiser who
advised me that there was disabled parking available at the hotel. So I arrived
(Blue disabled cards in hand) and we parked in the hotel car park. Imagine my
surprise (No disgust would be a better word) at being charged £12. If I knew
that I would be charged I might not have come.

It is the height of hotel greed that they charge such
a price for people who can not travel by busses/public transport and have to
rely on cars and parking a reasonable distance away. From my perspective it is
a kind of discrimination that I will be referring to friends of mine who work
on various publications concerning people with disabilities. I will be
interested in there opinions.


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