Arcam is rubbish...

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Currently own the rDAC and the A38 (connected to Dynaudio X12 or Sennheiser HD650).

I would describe the Arcam sound as "analytical" as opposed to "lively". It's very natural, detailed, and smooth. Unfortunately, this doesn't match my taste (I prefer to be swept away...something a little more involved). That's not to say Arcam is rubbish; they certainly build excellent products, just the sound isn't for everyone.

Dannycanham: if you're still around, how big a difference was there with the TeddyrDACps compared to the original rDAC power supply?

Considering my lukewarm feelings towards Arcam, I'm debating between upgrading the ps, or simply buying another DAC. I want my orchestral brass to roar, and right now they simply meow.