Arcam CD5 CD player cannot do gapless playback (EDIT - software update now available - see post 86)

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Disagree, one should rightfully assume a CDP should play gapless CDs, and I've only heard of two that didn't do it - the CD5 of-course, and Emotiva's one and only CDP.

Arcam have issued a fix, but it's otherwise unacceptable.

And if a manufacturer does not explicitly state this on their spec sheet then they're being DISHOHEST.

I'll give you one example - an ultra high end company of optical vinyl cartridges were open about the fact that they won't play coloured vinyl records.

Gapless CD playback should be 100% expected from consumers - and if it can't then the manufacturer should explicitly say so.
Couldn't of put that better myself.
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Never knew that was the case. Having said that, I’ve nor read any reviews, which I guess would’ve uncovered that info…
Neither did I.
And, funny enough, I've just this minute been looking at this review.
Ken Kessler describes it as better than the best cartridge he's ever heard (and he's heard a few).
For the price (with its necessary equalizer) I wouldn't expect any such limitation.
Not sure whether this plays coloured vinyl - nor did I read the entire review, so I don't know if it was mentioned.....but perhaps it should have been:


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It is shocking. The integration of firmware, with the transport's optics, servo and laser, shouldn't be an issue these days. CD is (yawn) 41 years old.

If a £50 portable stereo can manage gapless, then your swanky £5000 player should.

It's a sad fact, but many people are drawn towards expensive kit, under the impression that it must be much better quality and fit for purpose.

I've been there and had my fingers burnt many times. I'm so wary and careful these days, but sometimes you do need mistakes to learn from and they can be expensive ones.
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