Arcam A18 Vs NAD C355BEE


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi all

I'm looking to replace my old NAD C320 (not BEE) which never impressed me much - muddy sound and too much bass for my taste and my small living room (3mx3m). I was looking at discounted Arcam A70s but was warned they were simply too lean. Now I'm thinking about either the Arcam A18 or NAD C355BEE (to go with my NAD C525BEE CD player - also not very impressive). I really want more detail from my system and the What HiFi review of the NAD amp says that detail levels can be bettered by price rivals but doesn't mention which ones. The Arcan A18 looks like it could be a contender but has anyone actually tried it out yet?

Any thoughts?


The NAD C355BEE is a robust and powerful stereo amplifier featuring 2 x 80 watt amplification, 6 line inputs, 2 tape loops, 2 pre-outs with 1 accompanying main in and 2 independently switchable speaker outputs. A top notch stereo amp that won't disappoint. It is also a Hi-Fi Choice Best Buy (May 2008).

The NAD C542 CD Player would be an upgrade to your existing C525BEE and would match the C355BEE very well, in my opinion.
Features include optical and coaxial outputs, HDCD and a 24 Bit Burr-Brown Sigma Delta DAC.

"The C542's firmer bass combines with better timing to create a presentation that belts out the music" - What HiFi October 2003.



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Jan 18, 2008
A18 is an ok amp though I think its perhaps more one for people that own one of the company's cdp and want a matching component rather than an amplifier for someone like you that want the best performance for the money. Just my opinion. Its decent in most respects but nothing is outstanding. Good treble, so so bass, decent resolution but a lack of rythm and pace. Never grates though.

Better imo is Denon's pma1500. Does most things the arcam does but with great inner detail and resolution and its fast. Good tight bass too. Alternatively you could source an ex/dem or s/h cyrus 8vs2. Costs a bit more but very nice. I have'nt heard the Nad.



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