Anyone have experience of the Panasonic DX700 or Samsung KU6400?


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Nov 26, 2010
Anyone have experience of the Panasonic 58DX700 or Samsung 55KU6400? Don't want to spend bug bucks, this is rather inconvenient timing so the TV will be a stop gap purchase for a couple of years. Im leaning towards the Panasonic after viewing both in John Lewis. It got a relatively low mark on AV due to a 50i stuttering issue, but it seems to be fixed with a firmware update and I don't watch live broadcasts anyway. Lacking Plex is a big downer for me as I will need to buy a different box. After a play and a tweak on both the Panasonic looked more plasma than the Samsung, seemed more natural. And its bigger :)

I do like Samsungs (I have four close freinds who all bought H6 series samsungs based on my recomendations and all have been happy) but now I have a bad taste in my mouth, my Plasma failed after just three and a half years yet the Pana I had before it is 8 years old and still going strong in my father in laws living room. Obviously one case is not a trend but seems odd that Alantigger bought his E6500 at the same time as me and his died in a similar time frame.

Gel, any tips on where I should be looking for price matches that work in John Lewis?


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