Another Marantz 603 question - about pairing speakers


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Aug 10, 2019
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I've decided to get the Marantz CR603, but can't decide what speakers to pair - unfortunately, I live in Germany and there are no nearby shops to test apart from Media Markt, who only stock Cantons.

I obviously started with Monitor Audio BX2, but am tempted by B&W 685s - are they worth the extra?

Then, I found ex-display B&W XT2 being advertised for a little bit more, although pushing to the limit of my budget.

My living room is not large and awkwardly shaped and the speakers, although will be on stands, will not have too much room.

Opinions please.... other options also gratefully received.

Thanks in advance,
Hi gherkins, and welcome to the madness!

Matching speakers with the 603 is one of the most asked questions here, so try to look through the threads you will find here:-

I agree with chebby about Elac, at least based on the ribbon tweeter models I've heard recently over here. Generally, the smaller stand-mount speakers will be more tolerant of placement, if they end up being nearer the walls than ideal. A lot depends on your budget and local prices, which are hard to determine from here.