Amplification for B&W M-1s


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Aug 10, 2019
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I plan to buy two B&W M-1 speakers and a ASW608 subwoofer.
My system is based on the Sonos Zoneplayer 120 which has an inbuilt amplifier rated at 55w / 8ohm.

I wonder will it be enough for listening pop music on medium-high levels in my livingroom which is 5 x 4 m (15 x 13 ft) big? Do I need to look for some stronger amplification? If yes, then I plan to spend
not more than £350.

What worries me most is the low sensitivity of the M-1s of just 85 dB. Would a Yamaha A-S500 amplifier (2x85w) be enough, or should I fook for something stronger, such as a Sony STR-DG820 receiver (7x110w)?

Thany you for your answers!
Hi stephanz

I think the only way you'll know for sure if either of these amplifiers has sufficient quality/quantity of power and the levels of performance you require is by trying them with the speakers.

Btw, if you're also happy to consider a used/discontinued amplifier then the NAD C370 is also worth a look.

All the best

Rick @ Musicraft


Thanks Rick!

First I'll buy the speakers and the will go to my Sonos dealer to audition the amplification by the ZP 120, and if it lacks power, I'll go to visit other dealers and try my speakers on different amplifiers, until I find one that suits my needs.


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