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Feb 26, 2022
Looking at getting my first stereo setup and need some advice on speaker pairings. Currently I have my turntable connected to home cinema system but had an extension built, I want to move turntable into the new living space. I'll mostly be listening to vinyl and occasionally bluetoothing some spotify etc.

The space - roughly 4.5m x 7m
Turntable - Project Debut Carbon Espirit SB
Phono Amp - Rega Fono Mini
Amp - I'm thinking of going with the Audiolab 6000A. Or possibly Cambridge Audio CXA81.

Speaker options:
1 - Standmounts B&W 606 S2
2 - Floorstanding Dali Oberon 5 or Q Acoustics 3050i
3 - Standmounts B&W 606 S2 + small sub something like Q Acoustics 3060s

I am leaning towards standmounts as the space isn't huge and also amp may not be so great pushing floorstanders so option 1 seems sensible at least initially and always have the option of adding a sub if needed once everything is bedded in. Though floorstanders are tempting me and from what I've read the 6000A should be up to the job of either the Dalis or Q acoustics. Any advice on which route to take would be greatly appreciated!
Floorstander's do sound great in small spaces. I would say your choices are excellent, auditioning would be my first call.
I would agree, and not so sure what is meant by amplifier pushing floorstanders when those floorstanders tend to be more efficient than standmounts in the first place.
Other reasons for floorstanders, if your space can accommodate them, is compact versions do not take up any more space than a pair of speaker stands and budget wise you can spend all your money on the speakers themselves and don't have to factor in the cost of a good pair of stands.
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Feb 26, 2022
Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like I should have a listen to some floorstanders, I thought they might be overkill in the space and amp might not have enough power to drive them but it can't hurt to have a listen.
As I understand it, the bass limitations tend to mean that other frequencies have to be made harder for the speaker to produce, giving the end result you describe - a more even sound at the ear, but at the expense of load.
I think we may be to at cross proposes. The load on the amplifier will depend on the efficiency of the speaker.
apologies, I have just read that again and yes the ability to get a full spectre result from a limited speaker size does have intrinsic issues, you can only they do much out of a given size box.I
Of course you could use a sealed box design and full range driver but at the end of all that you do need a rather big box
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Feb 3, 2016
NOT B&W 606 s2 the highs are not good,not class leading
Have you listened to them? Andrew Robinson hated them and ASR said the 607 were one of the worst speakers they’ve ever tested, but since then several reviewers have defended the 600 series, indicating with the right amp they can work very well. I’ve not heard them myself, but probably still worth a listen, specifically to identify what might be good or bad about them.


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Dec 26, 2021
Cambridge Audio CXA81 with Q Acoustics 3050i would be a good combo

CA CXA81 is 80 w x 2 channel @8 ohm

[ Audiolab 6000A is 50 w x 2 channel @8 ohm ]

Q Acoustics 3050i sounds good and may not need a Sub

But audition QA and also Dali Oberon 5 [ good for music listening ]

Also, consider Marantz PM8006, but have to use external DAC with Streamer/CD players

One advantage in doing it is you have the flexibility to change / upgrade few things like DACs, Streaming components and be in line with future techs

[ It has tone controls - Bass, Mid, Treble which could add sweet spice to the music ]


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Mar 14, 2021
I bought wharfedale Evo 4.2 for a similar space and enjoy them. Either amp would drive them comfortably, although I use a MF M2Si. Base is better than the Dali.


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