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  1. S

    Question Advice on new stereo setup

    Looking at getting my first stereo setup and need some advice on speaker pairings. Currently I have my turntable connected to home cinema system but had an extension built, I want to move turntable into the new living space. I'll mostly be listening to vinyl and occasionally bluetoothing some...
  2. P

    Question Replacement for B&W DM603 s2s

    Looking for advice please. Having moved my Hifi into my study, because I'm spending most of my life in there due to working from home. I'm looking for standmounted speaker suggestions to replace my B&W DM603 S2s (which I loved) due to size restrictions. I do have a vinyl collection but mainly...
  3. willsurvive

    Question Fyne Audio F301 or Klipsch R-51M speakers

    Hi 👋 I’m about to upgrade my hifi set up and I’m trying to decide between Fyne Audio F301s and the Klipsch R-51Ms. Does anyone have any experience with either? They’ll be paired with a Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10 and an Audio Technica AT LP5 turntable. A lot of my vinyl is reggae so bass...