Advice on blu-ray and speakers please?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello i'm in need of some advice i am shortly going to invest in my first proper home cinema package and i need a few questions answered! First thing i'm going to buy an Onkyo TX-SR875 receiver but i am torn between 2 speaker packages these are the Tannoy Mercury F1 custom 5.1 with a free upgrade sub MJ Acoustics 100mk II.

Or Tannoy Arena lite 5.1 with Tannoy TS10 sub. Which of these speaker sets would be the better buy and are there better speakers i have overlooked for the same or lower price? They will be used for films and music mainly.

The other question i have is i would also like to buy a BLU-RAY player but is now a bad time to buy one with all the new things soon to be coming out eg 1.3 hdmi, profile 1.1?

But will none of these new things work on my tv anyway which is a Samsung PS-50Q7 HD plasma?

Any help and advice will be appreciated sorry for the long message.


If your prepared to wait a couple of more months on the Blu Ray player I would. There will be a number of new models with both Profile 1.1 (PiP capable) and Profile 2.0 (BD-Live). For watching movies Profile 1.1 is all you need to employ the additional extras on the disc. Profile 2.0 you connect to the web for additional stuff not critical for watching your movie.

If your not interested in Picture in Picture (PiP) then by all means go ahead and buy a Blu Ray player now. The only current Profile 1.1 player in Europe at the moment is the PS3 which with firmware upgrades be also capable of Profile 2.0. Unfortunately at present it can only output PCM audio and not DTS HD MA. However some of the Sony insiders have hinted at FW upgrades for this in the future.