Advice on amp for stereo with streaming and TV-sound


Jan 19, 2022
Hi all,

This is my first post here and combined with being a HiFi newbee thingst might be less than perfect question wise - let me know and I will do my best to ask a question giving optimal conditions for insightful comments. I have been reading various post on what to include in this sort of question

We are a three kids family moving into our new one storage house. We would like a stereo system as we dont have anything else than our phones for music. We live in Denmark, but have converted prices to US dollar.

We have a 35m2 living room with high ceilings. We want a dedicated stereo system to be used for music and to have the television sound through it also. The television sound is a nice-to-have - the music is the more important - so we are not considering AVR. We have settled on a 2 floorstanding speaker system but needs help in finding the right amp.

music taste: jass, classical/opera, rock/pop. No dance or electronic.

use/volume: Listening in solitude or with guests - no super large parties planned

music source: spotify premium (in the future a turntable might be coming, so the amp needs this possibility or the possibility to add a seperate RIAA in the future)

speakers: We will likely buy either Dali Oberon 7 or Triangle Borea BR08 (both around 1500 USD)

budget (for the amp): around 2,000 USD

Internet connection: at the momen WiFi - no Ethernet (this might change)

What we would like:

  • Possible to run the TV-sound through​
  • user friendly meaning that only one remote needed for a specific tas
    • when using it for TV-sound the amp should be turned on and the volumen needs to be controlled by the TV-remote.​
    • when listening to music everything controlled by one remote (being phone or "physical") - so if having seperate units still only one remote.​
  • not to compromise too much on sound quality
  • Streaming from Spotify
  • possiblity of phono (possibly as a seperate RIAA)

We are in doubt as to how we get the most of our around 2000 bucks (or if we would get to a completely differnt level by rasing with a few hundreds) .

Would it be on an integrated compact amp having it all like the NAD700 (1800 USD) or Lyngdorft TDAI-1120 (2150 USD) or would we get better sound quality with equal ease of use combing and amp with a streamer like CXA81 (1400 USD) +Bluesound node N130 (600 USD). Are there any thing we are mising or not understanding as the HiFi novices we are.

We have been foucusiong on the inclusion of a streamin device - considering that we at the moment have only WiFi does this makes sence or would a amplifier with bluetooth be just as fine and convinient?

Best regards



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May 16, 2008
I would have a look at an integrated stereo network receiver. With your budget why not try the Yamaha R-N803?

We use the Yamaha R-N602 as the heart of our system. We listen to LPs, watch TV, stream Airplay etc. Incredibly convenient and great value for money.


Jan 19, 2022
Thank you (iMark and daytona600) very much for your suggestions. Both have been on my path so far but found the others (based on reviews) a better match.

But for sure - the idea here is to get a few ideas and then go auditioning them before buying.

I think breaking the question to its essential is:

How much does sound quality improve when spending a fixed amount on an integrated amp with streamer vs spending the same fixed amount on an integrated amb + a seperate streamer.
What is the advantage/disadvantage in terms of sound and "ease of use" of CXA81+bluesound node compared to the Lyngdorft TDAI-1120 at roughly the same total cost.



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