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Advice for new home system please

Sep 5, 2014
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We are in the process of wiring our home and the question has come up as to what system to use. Currently we use Freesat and have an analogue ariel but we need to decide what to use so that we can use one system throughout the house. I've not really looked into what the options are but the spark suggested that we keep analogue as a backup.

We will have 4/5 TVs running in separate rooms and currently have a Humax Freesat box and were pretty happy with the choice of channels this gives us. We dont really need Sky although that could be an option. Whatever we do we want each TV to have Freesat running to it. We are running CAT6 into each room and TV point so we can connect to the central router but thats the data. We don't have Virgin on our street yet unfortunately. I also want to keep to a tight budget and make sure that if we do decide to use Sky or Virgin (when available) in the future that we are connected in the right way to future proof the house.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be great.




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Nov 27, 2015
This is what I would do while the wiring (I presume) is easy to lay.

Using all the same (CT100 or equivalent) coax cable:

From the point where the aerial cable enters the house, I'd run a line out to each room.

From the point where the satellite cable(s) enter, I'd run two lines out to each room. (And I would still use a double run of the single CT100 rather than the twin, thinner 'shotgun' type cable)

This would allow a choice of Freesat and / or Freeview receivers in any room - by starring off from those entry points.

(Aerial with a 6-way powered splitter, satellite by connecting any required combination to your 4-way LNB)

As I say, that's just what I'd do. I know that wireless is the future, nothing stopping you using wireless methods in the future, but I'd get decent wiring in while it's easy. Just avoid sharp bends and don't flatten the cable with staples or anything else.