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Feb 9, 2021
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I have a record player from a few years ago an ION TTUSB05XL that has red and white audio cables
and as I no longer have an AVR to plug into (it never really sounded particularly good)

Now have an LG SL8YG soundbar with rear speakers

Not sure if a BT record deck would connect to a soundbar so undecided to get some speakers or a new record deck or do I keep my existing deck and work with that

Option 1: Record deck with Bluetooth and it may connect to soundbar but unsure if the sound would be any good
Option 2: Record deck with Bluetooth that can be connected to some rear speakers either by cable or BT

Being on a budget - does anyone recommend any of the ION decks ION Audio Air LP
and any speakers -
Majority D40
Edifier R1280T
Edifier R1700BT

They all have mixed reviews and fairly good but would like a set up that has got decent sound on a budget
any recommendations?


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