300b is so beautiful !




I apologise for the off topic. Can you please drop me an e-mail: cristian dot moga at k dot ro . I'm interested in some hi-fi components from china and apparently there is no private messaging on this forum. Once again, sorry for the off-topic



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Sep 1, 2007
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[quote user="olddiamond"]

300b tube is so beautiful ! soft , gentle ....... much better than the solid-state amp!!!![/quote]

My Friend has two mono single ended 300B amplifiers and they sound -well natural. There is none of the forced sound you can get with transistor set ups and the treble is there in plenty but at the same time being smooth in nature.

He has his amps couple to a pair of Lowther Fidelio horn speakers. (For those who do not know Lowthers see http://www.stereophile.com/news/10290/ ). The fact that the amps are low power is not a problem as the horn acts as an "acoustic" amplifier. The sound levels can get pretty loud! A perfect combination.

The sound is highly detailed (not unlike the old quad electrostatics). When you hear a violin, you can hear the grain of the strings so clearly. The speed and attack is second to none. The stereo image and depth is quite staggering not being hampered by the need of a crossover.