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Aug 10, 2019
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As most of you know I have a 2m red on my P3 24.

Today I put my om 5e on my rega to hear how much difference there was between to two catridges.

The funny thing is i noticed that the om 5e plays through the HI Fi news test LP fine apart from tracks 8 and nine on side 1.

The 2m red struggles on most of the tracks apart from the first two on side 1.

When i'm playing Amy Winehouse Lioness Album with the 2m red the track called (will you still love me) makes her vocals sound horrible and distorted but with the om 5e it sound good and with no distortion compared to the 2m red..

In previous threads I complained about the sound I was getting from the 2m red and after some adjustments the sound improved.( I dont want to stop playing music with the om 5e)

The 2m red is more detailed and brighter but for some reason the om 5e sound better and more relaxing and a lot more enjoyable and fun to listern to.

Both are setup with the same aligment on my Avid protractor. I belive I may have a faulty 2m red. What should I do with the 2m red.

I am going to buy an om 20 stylus to replace the om 5e and hopefully that should improve on the sound of the om 5e.

The om 5e is more analogue sounding than the 2m red.

It seems that my problems I have (had) could be based on a faulty 2m red all along. Why does the 2m red sound distorted on some tracks but the om 5e does not. Like I said before both are setup to the exact same alignment.




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Jun 2, 2008
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The OM5E is no slouch.

I still have it's older 'cousin' (the Dual ULM-65E) and some other related bit's & bobs in my hi-fi museum shoebox.



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Jul 22, 2009
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I also have the 2M Red but I don't hear any distortion, just a bit of sibilance on some records. It seems like you have a faulty unit. You should try and return it and ask for a replacement. I'm sure you'll find a big difference, assuming the replacement unit is also not faulty.


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Nov 26, 2007
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Both are setup with the same aligment on my Avid protractor. I belive I may have a faulty 2m red. What should I do with the 2m red.

that's got to be the easiest question ever. If you think it's faulty then return it to your dealer, who will send it to us if they're unsure. We, and dealers are there to provide a service and you should feel comfortable talking to us about any issues you have.


Hi Henley

I bought a om20 stylus for £110 today from Bartletts HiFi in North London. The sales man Simon in the shop compared my 2M red stylus to another 2M red stylus and he noticed my one's cantilever was leaning to the left. I am useing my om20 on the 2m red cartridge body at the moment and will send you the stylus over the next few days. Thanks for your HELP.

Kind regards



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