2 amps, 1 pair of speakers - it is feasible?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I've recently moved house and have a mixed bag of AV and Hifi dating back to when I 1st bought some separtes.

I'm currnetly running a hifi system (Rotel Pre/Power amps / Marantz CD63 and some Mission 71is stand mounted.

I also have a Denon AV amp and mission 5.1 speakers but the speakers are now redundant as I'm 'not allowed' to clutter the new lounge!

The compromise for the time being is possibly to run the AV amp (which runs Xbox 360, Sky+ and Wii) via Stereo speakers and I'd like to know whether I could run both amps into one pair of speakers or would this be problematic?

My aim is to be able to listen to music independantly of the AV system (hence why I am not simply running the CD into the AV amp)....... I currently do this but the AV amp is just plugged into the TV (shame on me!).

I plan to buy a sound bar in due course but currently am just looking to buy a new pair of speakers to replace the missions and am thinking of running both 'systems' via one pair of speakers.

Any tips / help / advice would be much appraciated!!!



excellent - I'd tried searching for a similar post but didn't find it - thanks for the link.


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