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Aug 24, 2007
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A friend of mine want a new telly and she only really likes small ones (she's not my girlfriend by the way). Can anyone suggest the best TV of that size? She's not interested in being wowed by the latest technology but would like a good clear picture and an inbuilt freeview thingy. Any help would be appreciated please.


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Dec 28, 2007
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Since it's you, just dug out the "Best TVs you can buy" guide that came with the December issue of WHF. 4 small sets they recommended:

1. Daewoo DSL15M1TC - 15" - £230 (with integrated DVD player)
2. DMTech LV19XT - 19" - £370 (also with integrated DVD player)
3. Toshiba 20W330D - 20" - £450
4. Panasonic TX-23LXD60 - 23" - £550

DMTech and Panny got 4 stars (Panny down to its price, not performance), Daewoo and Tosh got 5. Given Daewoo doesn't have inbuilt Freeview, I'd advise the Toshiba unless you can get a really good deal on the Panasonic.

Now, to bed before I wake up on the sofa!

Edit: ooh - just thought I'd say, there are obviously other TVs out there, just got these four out of the WHF guide a couple of months back, didn't do any other research. So other forum members, please don't flame me if I didn't mention your fave TV!