Wireless AV Tx/Rx Kit. Any Good? Which ones to look at etc...


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Aug 10, 2019
Right, I am pretty savvy when it comes to home audio and vision when we are talking about cables, but when it comes to wireless I am pretty much out of my comfort zone.
What I would like to be able to achieve is very simple in concept, yet I fear will prove difficult in practice.
I am being hounded by Mrs Relapse to provide a TV in the kitchen so that she can see what's on the telly whilst she's doing wifely things in there. Now, I'm in favour of this as it means no longer pausing, twiddling my thumbs for a bit and then continuing watching when she returns from that woman's room ;)
Now I live in a freeview black-spot so stop right there with the easy answer (I wouldn't be typing this if it were that easy).
I refuse to pay Virgin any more money for multi-room, besides space is at a premium and I don't want another VM box.
I live in a bungalow and the house has CAT6 cables running through the loft so hard wire wouldn't be too much effort but am unable to get any info of suitable wired solutions?

So the only alternative's I have found are WiFi. 2.4GHz, which is a no go obviously, but there are some 5.8GHz jobbies out there. My issue being that my house has no stud walls, they are all breeze block, and the screeen is going to be roughly 30-40ft away, through two of the afore mentioned walls, from the equipment.

The TV will have the usual fair when it comes to connectivity, HDMI, SCART, D-Sub, maybe DVi & Composite.

My thoughts have been thus so far:

HDMI Splitter -> HDMI over CAT5 sender to CAT5 -> HDMI receiver to telly. A lot of kit just to watch telly.


Various 5.8GHz Wireless Transmitter / Receivers such as Rimax 5.8GHz Wireless TV Audio Video Sender & Receiver
My feeling is that this is not going to produce great quality images as it's wifi and I am sure the ghosting evils of airwave transmissions will be there to haunt me.

HDMI versions of this are mega bucks so not in the equation.

Any Ideas or people who have a similar setup or configuration please give me your input.

Alternative solutions are welcome :)

Many thanks in advance guys, I know this ones a tall order.


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