£300-£450 to spend on 4.1(5.1) or powered stereo mainly for music?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I currently have a pair of powered Rokit rp8 speakers http://www.maketunes.com/articles/krk-rokit-rp-8-studio-monitor-review

Grown quite attached to them as they sound and look awesome, plus I bought them with money I sued RBS for ;). But since moving out of 'party' flats and into more sedate lodgings I haven't been exercising the top end of these nearly enough. They are big and heavy, combined with the stands they are about 20kgs each.

I'm considering selling these and getting a nice really nice sounding surround sound system to fill my bedroom with music, but would also consider another (smaller) stereo setup. I value clarity over beefyness, but would want them to go loud without distorting (the rp8s go deafeningly loud without a hint of loosing it, but they are too damn big!).

It'd have to be powered, as I don't want a separate amp, but one in the sub would be OK. Or one of those little control units that sits on the desk like the one this klipsch setup uses: http://www.klipsch.com/products/details/promedia-ultra-5-1.aspx - I don't think these are available in the uk though.

It's for use with my iMac, so if surround is the one to go for the budget will need to stretch to an external (firewire or usb) sound card to boot. The main reason I'm interested in surround is that I'll be using a corner desk, which while seated stereo would be fine, but it'd be a bit off center for the rest of the room with just 2 speakers.

Can anyone help me make up my mind? :)

Budget £300-450 (including sound card if needed)
Intended usages: 75% music, 10% stereo only TV shows, 10% DVDs, 5% PC games.

So far I've looked at: http://www.klipsch.com/products/details/promedia-ultra-5-1.aspx + the M-audio sonica theater: http://emusician.com/daw/emusic_maudio/ as I have other M-Audio stuff and thought it was good. This logitek z 5500 digital surround system is interesting too: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-Digital-Multimedia-Theatre-Speaker/dp/B0006HBCL8/ref=pd_sbs_ce_title_4

Any advice appreciated, I know very little about surround systems and their usefulness for music listening.


After a bit of a think, I've decided that a decent 2.1 system would possibly be a better choice. Can anyone advise on that? same budget.


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