Stereo system to mostly use with PC


Jan 10, 2021

I am looking for stereo system to be mostly used with PC and streaming services. I would call it 80% PC preferable via USB, 20% spotify. I do not like the Tidal, I know it has better library and quality, but I tried many times and I failed on some annoying bugs in mobile APP. I would like to use also app like TuneIN. Phono input is a nice addon, headphone output is important.

I currently have B&W 606 S2, which now lives next to TV. I like how they sound.

I am mostly listening to Metal, Electronic Music, Rock and Jazz.

One more thing is that the speakers would stand on the desk, 30kg 160x80cm2

I have today listened to to {B&W607S2 Anniversary, B&W707S2}x{NAD338,NAD368}. The 338 used built in Spotify Connect, 368 used external yamaha network player, connected via coaxial. I like 707 more than 607, but I do not feel that I see that much of the difference between 338 and 368. Moreover 368 do not have any network compability except for$500 blueOS expansion card. None of these two systems have built in USB connection.

My questions are:
1) Is going for smaller speakers (607, 707) good idea?
2) Is putting speakers on desk bad idea?
3) Can I go around needing phono preamplifier?
4) Should I chase amplifier with USB connection or coaxial from motherboard is a good enough?
5) Is buying Amplifier without a DAC and using Fiio Q1 Mk2 (Which I already have) a good idea?
6) Should I chase an amplifier with network connectivity? Or is it better (not increasing a lot budget) to have two devices?
7) Instead of using network streamer / integrated amplifier with network streamer, is using RaspberryPi with DAC (Allo HAT or Dragonfly) a good idea?
8) How convenient is using two devices (network streamer and amplifier) from two different brand? That question is mostly for spotify connect.
9) What can you suggest me, for speakers and amplifier (+network streamer) at budget of $2200?


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1. If you have the space get the bigger speakers.
2. If you have floor space, ditch the desk for speakers.
3. You can get an amp with built in phono amp, a turntable with built in phono amp, or you could simply get a standalone one.
4. Definitely choose an amp with USB input, as these would often handle upper level DSD, and perhaps MQA too.
5. Yes, don’t see why not.
6. There are excellent networked amps like NAD C368 + the BluOS module. Maybe cheaper ones too.
7. I don’t understand why you’d use Raspberry Pi with DragonFly when the latter is a self-contained DAC?
8. Should not be a problem at all.
9. Since you don’t need a streamer as you’ll be using your PC, I’d go for any decent amp and a separate DAC which can handle both MQA and DSD.

I'd go for an Audiolab 6000A amp, the iFi Zen DAC, and perhaps look at any number of speakers to go with it.
As a bonus the Audiolab has aptX Bluetooth built-in, and you can connect your TV via optical too.
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Jan 10, 2021
Now as I think about it, I do not know. Maybe they are not needed. Probably because I have two monitors on vesa arms, but I do not know how big of a problem they would be.


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