Yamaha AS500 free upgrade!


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Aug 10, 2019
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Yes, I was happy to buy the Yamaha AS500, especially based upon the 5/5 rating this site gave it.

And I did, from Ebay.

But then they called me to say they don't got no black AS500's, only silver ones. But I don't want a silver one.....

So they offered me an upgrade, for free, to the YamahaAS700.

Happy days!

But, this amp only gets 3/5 on this site.

But if you bought an AS500 and received an AS700, does that count as 8/5?

Surely it's better than the AS500 but not competitive in it's price bracket.....

So I'm happy, right? It sounds good to me, clean, crisp, and absolutely silent at full volume with nothing playing!

But, if it's only 5 watts per channel louder than the AS500, doesn't that imply it's a completely new design and not just a more powerful version of the AS500?

I'm happy as
, or should I get my money back and buy an AS500, as I originally wanted to.....?

the record spot

I think the problem for the reviewers was that the 700 didn't appear to excite them musically, however, if you have a read of it (I'm going from memory here), it ticks all the boxes - musical, etc., etc. The problem for some is that the amp's quite neutral so doesn't impact the music with its character. The 500 on the other hand appears to do just that. It's all down to the balance of the amp and the other components with separates; for me, I think I'd rather have the 700. I don't really want an amp that's got a bit of a fizzy treble (as the 500 apparently does being on the bright side) to contend with, so the 700 would take it.

Don't lose too much sleep over the "extra 5w", both amps have enough on tap to drive your speakers. You should be fine! Good result with the outcome though, the 700 is a fine amp.


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Jun 20, 2008
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I've never heard the 500 but I was very interested in it's "loudness" function, appearing somewhat more sophisticated than the usual bass/treble boost on a typical loudness button.

I have to do quite a lot of listening at lowish volumes which was the reason for my interest, but the overriding thing I kept reading about this amp is that it is "harsh", "bright", or "brash". True, this is down to speaker matching but I can't be doing with fussy partnering, and I dread to think what it would sound like with my Focal's.

I then looked at the 700 which seemed to tick all the right boxes as TRS says, but it was somewhat out of my price range so never bothered to get round to listening to it. Does seem a really good amp, though, and looks like you've got a real bargain!
I'd be chuffed to bits with the AS700.

Always loved Yamaha styling and functionality. The unique loudness control really does do what it should - look up Fletcher-Munson curves. Not that I'd use it except with bookshelf speakers for background music, but if you are going to do it, do it properly!

This one's a keeper, I'm sure.


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Jun 2, 2008
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From an Alan Sircom review of the A-S700/CD-S700 pair...

"On the other hand, most of these more dynamic products make a more exciting sound at the expense of some other aspect of the musical presentation, usually the coherence of the sound. Many will look to the Yamaha 700 series as the more level-headed sound.

Coupled to the right speakers, the Yamaha CD-S700 and A-S700 may not be the Dynamic Duo, but do represent a call for honest reproduction of music that few others can provide at the price. If you are fed up with overly warm, overly bright or overly 'exciting' products, this is the remarkably grown up choice."

I think that says it nicely.

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Jul 13, 2011
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If you are happy with the sound quality keep it, if not change it but be prepared to accept that it may not sound better.


Thanks for your posts everybody.

I've had the amp running now and am well happy with it. I like my music but I'm not mental about it - as longs as it sounds good I'm happy. I used to produce dance music so I know a good sound, but at the end of the day I'm listening to mp3's anyway!

Speakers next - I'm thinking MA BX6 or maybe RX6 or 8's!
...And it is a super-quiet amp with silky-smooth high frequency rendition. I listen to classical music (symphonies, concertos, opera) 99% of the time - and I have to admit that I'm rather baffled as to the poor review it got on this site, whereas the A-S500 scored a 5/5? Internally the two amps are very similar, the main difference I can see is that the A-S700 has quite a beefier power supply section. I agree with another poster on this thread - perhaps the A-S700 is too neutral for the reviewer's taste, whereas for me the A-S500 is way too 'treble' (to my ears, just plain shrill) on certain music (go try and listen to Anne-Sophie Mutter's rendition of Beethoven's Violin Concerto in D on an A-S500 - you'll be trading it in in no time for the current A-S701 replacement!). If this amp breaks down one day I'll be replacing it with an A-S701 or A-S801 or whatever the equivalent would be by that time.

Edit: I went back and read the Alan Sircom review another poster referred to. I cannot agree more - the A-S700 is the "Goldilocks" amp for me. I really hope the current A-S701 or A-S801 continues the tradition :D