wireless headphones vs wired + bluetooth DAC?


Oct 31, 2022
I've been thinking of getting the Audio-technica M50xBT2 to use both at home (wired) and when out (wireless). I've been told by the good folk on Reddit that getting the wired M50x and a wireless DAC like the Fiio BTR5 will give better audio quality (both out and at home since it works as a USB DAC as well!)

Since the M50x aren't hard to drive headphones that require an amp or something, will getting one actually result in a noticeable improvement in quality, or are we getting into cork-sniffing territory? /jk


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Mar 4, 2022
Hard to say.
On one hand, the wireless/digital/amp components of the m50xBT2 will be specifically tailored to the driving requirements of the headphone… so you’ll experience the designer’s intended sound.
On the other hand, getting a nice Bluetooth dongle like the FiiO BTR5, BTR7, or iFi Blu Go may surpass the quality that was budgeted for the M50xBT2 system, and if later you decide to pick up other kinds headphones/IEMs, you would have this nice general purpose Bluetooth Dongle that you could also use with them. Maybe you’ll use the M50x as your “beater” headphones on-the-go, then pick up something clearer like the Philips SPH9500 or Sennheiser HD 560S for home use.


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