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Aug 10, 2019
Hey All

Wondering if you can help me out. I'm looking at buying the denon DM37DAB and the MA BX2's. They're sold as a package in loads of hifi stores. But have a few questions.

1) Are they a good match

2) What about the wattage. The Denon gives our 30Watts per channel @ 6 Ohms, so @ 8 Ohms this will be about 25. Will this cause 'clipping'. Will the speakers be underpowered at this?

Thanks in advance for your replies



Hi to you!

Your (potential) BX2 are handling between 30 and 100 Watts if I'm correct... perhaps a little more. Obviously, you already know the answer to your question, as you mentionned clipping yourself... so that leaves the real question : do you intend to play it loud? Clipping won't happen at reasonable volume (not what you hear, but what the amp gives out... say if your volume is measured from 0 to 80 db, 50 is a pretty strong number, 60 might be dangerous...) but it is true that not enough wattage can be far worse than a little too much. Still, a lot of amplifiers are sold with a RMS output between 30 and 50 Watts, and that represents the lowest range of pretty much any decent speaker - and most of the time you'll hear that the best matching for them is stand-mounted speakers. So you're at the right place. For what I heard myself, Arcam A-18, which is 50 watts output (but a good, solid, deep 50 Watts), is a much better fit with stand mounted than floorstanders... perhaps just add in a little subwoofer to get the best of it. You won't need that much volume with the sub, so settle for one that just gives what it takes to get you a deeper, warmer sound. If you go with the Denon, I'd say 150 Watts would do the trick. Wharfedale Diamond 10 was highly praised here for it's price range, and indeed it is not expensive... The MA BXW10 that goes with the Bronze Series is kindly pricier... And do the running in to the letter with your speakers. Make sure you're buying new (not demos). BX2 are wonderful speakers for many kind of music, sounding even clearer than BX5 on a low input amp. But if you like beats or hard rock, I think you should expand your views. Low frequencies and distorted instrumentation will saturate your BX2 much quicker. Don't forget that you'll have to pay for stands, and good stands cost a good amount of money, and you end up paying a price that's not that much lower than many good, "louder" floorstanders... But please don't take my word for it. I'm just answering with a very limited - but powefully interested - knowledge.

On the other hand, as a (new) A/V shop dealer, I would tell you to beware of packages. Not necessarily that the products aren't good, but packages indeed are an efficient way to sell leftovers, and announce a "low" price for which you could in fact afford an amp and/or speakers that would be much better suited to your needs and tastes... Your dealer, for any reason, might be willingly discarding some informations about what you could have for about the same price - probably because he matched it with heavier pricetag components. Don't be shy, and ask for a good 50 Watts amplifier at some target price. BX2 certainly sound great with a good 50 to 80 Watts amp, and at very happy levels. But with even the better 30 Watts @ 8 ohms amp out there... I don't know. Have you heard BX1, at least? If you really are to go with the Denon, I don't see why they could not give you the very same pleasurable sound, if not better... and at a lower price, too!

Good Luck!


Unless you're getting a great deal, I think the BX2s are far too expensive a speaker to be pairing with the Denon. On the edge of quoted power requirements (even if they are sensitive), and you're never going to realize the potential, and upgrading is difficult as you want an all-in-one.

Among my systems I have an older Denon mini system, and run it with Gale gold monitors...which work beautifully. Much (much) cheaper and in my opinion, much better suited.

So if you're fixed on the versatility of a mini, then audition some speakers with it. And ignore "star" ratings. Use your own judgement, and start at the bottom end price wise. You can't simply put well reviewed products together and expect perfection.

You may find the cheapest speakers you try are the best for the job too. (Many moons ago I had a listening session and walked away with £60 speakers when my budget was up to £300)...


A quick look on the Richer Sounds "systems page"...

They have what I would consider to be a great deal and a bit more of a sensible combination.

The DM38DAB + Mission MX1 speakers. At £299 (among other deals)


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