Will soundbar work positioned behind TV?


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Nov 1, 2014
My Panasonic TX-39AS600 HD TV has a stand which is of a rectangular outline design, i.e. not solid, merely a neat silvered frame construction. External measurements of the stand are 21.5" x 9.5"

If I buy a soundbar (and I'm seriously looking into it now) it would sit well forward of the TV because of the TV's stand. Not only would this look odd but the chances are that it would occlude the IR pathway between the remote and the sensor on the TV.

My option is clearly to position the soundbar behind the TV so that it sits nearly out of sight. Because there is a 2" gap between the TV and the table on which it sits, sound emanating from the soundbar would surely be able to pass through to me without too much difficulty?

I have started looking at Panasonic soundbar options that don't include a separate sub-woofer .. it's mid to high range clarity that I seek, not great rumbling bass (we're semi-detached and I wouldn't want to be heard next door). The TV table sits across a corner of the room creating, if you like, the hypotenuse of a triangle with the adjacent walls. I mention this only because answers to my query concerning the projected sound might need to take this into consideration.

Is anyone able to comment on my idea to position the soundbar behind the TV, please?


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Nov 12, 2015
It would work no doubt, but sound may be affected... For example if you had a Q Acoustics Media 4 soundbar it uses BMR technology so would be best placed at the edge of the unit for full sound immersion etc..


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