Will a DAC be worth it?


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Apr 26, 2011
Hi my father in law has a denon micro system in his back room the receiver model number is DRA-F101. He uses the pc in the room as source to play spotify. He has them conected from the mini jack on the pc to rca's on the back of the denon.

Me and partner have decided to buy my in law a pair of wharfdale diamond 9.1 as a first upgrade this is because our budget is £100.00 and we can't really strech it to get a pair of 2010i's ( I heard them both on the day the 2010i's are amazing! )

The pc is a media centre type and has an optical out, a nice upgrade would be to use a dac but would it be worth it on this type of system?

I am aware of all the usual suspects in the budget/affordable market for DAC's but we couldn't strech to them at the moment. i have seen this dac it looks like a made up finished kit.


would this be ok just to start him off with or would it just be a waste of time??