Why has mark knopfler already released 2 albums in 2024 latest released today

he’s been v busy this year: Dire straits live boxset, charity single, guitar auction, solo album & now this weird collection of songs from his last 3 albums.
All fascinating stuff. It’s probably different reasons for different artists. I have a few friends and relatives for whom the music industry was a business. Two examples:-

One was drummer in a rock band who played throughout Europe, and supported David Bowie on a US tour in the 1970s. Also performed in Elvis The Musical for many years.

Another was a concert pianist and is now head of keyboard at a top London music school. He still performs and travels the world giving master classes.

The need to perform, teach, move on from music, pursue research, explore other avenues seems to vary widely. But most seem to play, even if just to themselves, until they drop. Others need the money. The famous figures like Knopfler, and even higher profile guys like Elton John and Bruce Springsteen, have an insatiable need to do something musical, and also have artefacts to sell or exhibit.


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Jul 31, 2023
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2024??: I skipped all since Brothers in Arms -among my very first CDs, it has been plenty pleasurable for me for decades.

Not unlike a legion of solo-now artists/efforts.

Ringo and Paul I liked, a little. ;)