Best new low budget bookshelf speakers


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I returned my B&W 607 anniversary edition, they didn't have this value for money, this feeling of having something special for the money.

So i had to get something temporary until i can get out and listen to speakers

No dayton or miccas in my country, i wanted something new, something for under 200 euros a pair, not to big, that just sounds good, i didn't care about bass extension and sensitivity, you "only" know temporary speakers.

I couldn't find many for under 200 euros a newpair, one pair i could find was the dali speaktor 1 , 4.5" woofer, rated at 83 db but so it measured to only have 81.6 db and rated at 6 ohm Since they are rated at lower than 8 ohm i do have with my Rotel a11 tribute a peak power above 100 watt in 6 ohm (i already have just above 100 watt pr channel in 8 ohm peak power)
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Finish is good for the price, good binding post as all dali speakers

Highs: Are not as loud and as metallic as expected (not angled), not even at high levels,they are better than dali zensor 1 (loud and fatiguing), i think there is the details you need but it's not a ribbon tweeter.

Mids: Not aggressivenes, easy to hear the midrange, wide soundstage

Bass: There is actually bass, good for a super compact bookshelf speaker and if neighbours under and above you don't like logitech thx subwoofer bass, they will like the speakers. Of course it's more bass than super deep bass, on the good recordings theres is actually a normal level of bass (also depth,extension), paul simon's 50 ways to leave your lover (the song) sounds thight and dynamic at high levels. Don't hear any noise from the bass

Sound is more to the open and clear side than warm and jazzy, after a week they sound balanced and not bright like dali zensor 1

You can hear it's not big floorstand speakers but also that they sound bigger than there size, wide sound,dynamic and loud enough for most people as long as you have enough power.

The B&W 607 has higher sensitivity but couldn't always handle 80 out of 100 on my amp,yes it is louder and the woofer moves more but the lesser sensitive dali spektor1,
60 is more than you need watching a movie at normal level, 70 it's loud (nearfield) and even when 70 on some records is loud they can handle 80 with my amp, i try to limit it to 80 where it still (surprisingly) sounds clean and balanced.

Something like Van Morrison There Chords And The Truth and Chuck Manione Feels So Good (good bass) the same can be said about george benson giv me the night, never give up on a good thing, just about all song on the ultimate collection has a good bass, sounds good, bill withers just as i am is also approved (the ain't no shunshine record).

Sammy davis jr + carmen McRae porky and bess still sounds above avarage good, do i have to mention frank sinatra also sounds good, because he does !

Mark Knopfler Boom, Like That and on every street (dire straits) sounds great at 70 out on 100 on the volume, best ever music to use for testing hifi (mark knopfler,dire straits), the speakers shine when the get some clean juice, they might in turns of power outshine the Harbeth P3ESR rated at 82 db and 50 watt power handling .

There is the foot tapping effect

I had a blast listening to the Danish trio The beatophonics (60's genre) in the late 60 to mid 70´s on the volume, the speakers are truely impressive, for the first 2-3 hours i have don't nothing but listen to music on my desk with the speakers on each side of my 27" monitor (not even gone to the bathroom or got something to eat).

Better than B&W 607 Anniversary Edition, they are for shure to me more impressive, less than 3kg each, rated at 83 db (measured in one review to 8.16db) recommended power 40-100 watt, max rated spl 103db, they are rated just under 60hz+/- 3db, 4.5" woofer under 200 euros for a pair, white.

I prefer them any day over the dali zensor 1, in fact i think they mght be one if not the best new low budget bookshelf speakers beating something like Q acoustics 3010i with less bright sound and more bass, wharfedale diamond 220 with a less dark sound and might have more bass

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@gasolin This is my sentiment with BW mostly (and many of o the household names). They're kind of the apple of the speaker world with loads of good looks and amazing branding but they perform no better than a 1-2 quid speaker.

BUT they have made some amazing budget speakers but in the "budget" sector I don't think very competitive and they never were TBH.

Glad you found some speakers that fit the bill and show that budget doesn't have to mean bad sound, I suspect its set the bar quite high and you'll have trouble beating the sound. I know I did back in the day with my mission 701's/03's. when I moved on from them.


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mission 701

What surprised me is the high sound quality, they actually sound much better in the highs than dali zensor 1, that to me are very bright and fatiguing, mabye the zensor 1 lack a little bass, not for the spektor 1, they play bass and to me are not bright, they are dynamic evne at medium levels (53 on my amp) watching lord of the rings and pushed to 70-80 with my amp used as nearfield speakers, they are pretty loud with a punchy bass but still clean without any sharpness (the amp is also responsible for that) unless it's a crappy youtube video or something recorded by a tone deaf person who made the higsh to loud,agressive

They are very small but can be used as high powered rear channels in a HT or when you need small speaker that playes beyond there modest sensitivity,size,price

Very impressive as long as you don't try to power them "loud" with a nad D3020 or a rega io, not enough power


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Dali spaktor are 1 are better, jamo is hard to get in denmark (klipsch owns jamo)
jamo are danish !

Jamo - 1966 In the fishing village of Glyngøre, Denmark, carpenter Preben Jacobsen begins building loudspeakers in his hen house. Two years later he will bring his brother-in-law Julius Mortensen into the business. Jacobsen + Mortensen = JAMO. By 1978 one million JAMO loudspeakers will be produced.


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