Which would you choose out of these two sets of speakers?


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Mar 23, 2021
the Focal should sound better ,but similar in specifications ,not exactelly the same but sensivity is a bit better allthough the Q are lower in impedance, the diference in the frequency response is only a bit smaller in the frequency spectrum but taking all in consideration the focal should sound better to you but maybe not to your wallet ,this not having seen the diference in prices . After all seen they should sound more dynamic by the way they are assembled and can handle more power , both are good speakers but if having to choose i would go for the Focal model allthough i never heard any of this models ,also having to refer the options of conections for diferent higher or lower sound in the frequencies they deliver, in the Q speakers, regards
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Feb 18, 2022
You need to hear both in your system and in your room. The best speakers you can find will get nowhere near their potential if they are partnered with the wrong electronics in an unsuitable room.


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I agree that at this level a home audition is vital. The only exception might be if you can buy at a bargain price and are willing to sell on if they don’t suit.

I would personally choose the QA Concept 500 because I heard them at their launch, they’ve had consistently good reviews, and are great value. They do need a bit of space, however, and those chrome hooped stands aren’t everybody’s cup of tea.

I’ve yet to hear any Focals that I could live with, but I’ve not heard this particular model, and I’m sure they wouldn’t all give me a headache!


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