Which was your first home cinema system?

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Sep 8, 2022
Wow so back into the mists of HiFi history land when I was but a slip of a 18year old and just starting on my emergence from my Aiwa XD-91 Midi Separates system and into ‘proper’ hifi.

I had a Mission Cyrus One Amplifier driving a pair of Castle Durham 2-way’s on Stands. My main source was a used Sony CDP-591 that was awesome. Now as well as my fledgling audiophile setup, my TV was hooked up with my Pioneer Laserdisc as well as my nice EQ equipped Panasonic VHS decks.

I fell madly in love with “Surround Sound”, so I saved up for the Yamaha DSP E580 (think it was about £200 in 1994ish), and once I had it hooked up to the record loop on the Cyrus: would blast the LaserVision version of Aliens or Terminator T2, through those Castle Durham‘s and a pair of TDL Near Field Monitors for the rear channel.

I still smile now that writing this post has made me remember the way that the incredible cinema-like surround sound experience made my heart beat faster, and made me smile like a kid again when watching movies with worthy soundtracks.

So there is my little addition to the world of a Generation X girl chasing audio perfection…..


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Oct 6, 2015
Rotel RA820BXII driving Mission 70mkII, and a Marantz SP50 Dolby surround decoder driving Yamaha surrounds (the model of which I've forgotten) from a Panasonic NV(?) 55 HiFi VHS machine. Upgrades saw the addition of a Pioneer CLD 800 and the replacement of the Marantz with Yamaha DSP E580 and a JBL centre speaker


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Oct 14, 2013
This was mine: Toshiba 36” CRT, Samsung 709 DVD, Linn speaker, B&W centre, Mission surrounds and a demon 5.1 AVR can’t remember the model, pioneer sub and teletewest TV box!

Picture of the setup in my avatar…
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