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Which Headphones for Cyrus System ?


New member
Aug 10, 2019
I have a Cyrus CD8x / 8vs2 combo. Any suggestions as to the best headphones to partner this kit? Aside from sonic ability, comfort is also a high priority. Regards, Steve


cant speak from first hand experience but 'headfi' is a great website for this info. I spotted on the website that the 8Vs2 has a superb headphone out and does not require a sperate headphoen amp for good results.

I would research Grado headphones... something like the 325i would sound very detailed and perhaps a bit forward.. these can be had for £200 - £280 on e-bay new (rrp £310). Comfort could be an issue.as they are quite heavy.

If it was my money I would give them a try.


New member
Jul 24, 2007
I am going to disagree about the Grado sr-325i as they are a bright headphone and Cyrus is a bright sounding system.

You can do alot better with your money than blowing 280 quid on Grado sr-325i.

As i have mentioned in previous posts look at the Alessandro MS2's They are made by Grado Labs for Alessandro but then tweaked to Alessandros specifications(Alessandro make guitar amps)so are suited for rock and acoustical but are just as great with Jazz and classical. They are more neutral sounding than the Sr-325's and less bright and alot lot cheaper so you will have money left over to buy cd's to enjoy them with.

They are also well well cheaper as Alessandro post worldwide for FREE. 299.00 dollars which is about 155 pounds free shipping. And do not worry about customs as Alessandro mark the price at well below what you pay so that you do not pay customs. Well I didnt anyway.

They shipped within 5 days after I ordered which was amazing.

Highly Highly recommended.


I own the MS2 and I would not want anything else - well maybe an Grado gs1000 :)

Seriously avoid the Grado 325 as you will find it bright. I demo'ed one with Rotel which is also bright and it was too fatiguing. All in my experience of listening. BTW I am a huge headphones fan and have owned 7 phones over the year including the Sennheisers hd600, Grado sr-225 and AKG 601.

Hope my advice helps.