Lyra Delos what phno amp?


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Mar 10, 2008
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Hi I am looking to replace my Phono stage which is a Trichord Dino II. I would like a sonic improvement with a tad slightly warmer sound, wider sound stage with a more "organic sound. I did consider a Cyrus Signature as I have the Cyrus PSU power supply spare. but it has multiple outputs for extra TTs which I don't need.
My System consists of the following:
Michell Orb turntable, Ifi ids pro dac/streamer, Primaluna EVO 400 pre-amp, Electrocompaniet AW 600 monoblocks, and B&W 801D speakers (The original ones) Along side the Cyrus power supply.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated? Would like balanced outputs but. thats not a killer.


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Aug 10, 2021
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I think with the level of system you have, Somewhere between the Lehmann audio blackcube decade ( which I currently use) and Tom Evans groove 20th anniversary edition should be a ballpark aim, if you want to keep valves in the vicinity, I'd be looking at a icon audio ps1 mkii, haven't heard one but it's a thing of beauty, unfortunately I believe there is a bit of a waiting list or else I would own one myself.
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The Wam answerd in 5 mins. Don't be rude. I will not recommend your fourm to anyone.
Probably with a nonsense answer.... :cool:
My suggestion to you is if you want to change the sound signature as you indicate you have the wrong cartridge to start with.
Most decent phono preamps will simply amplify, you could try a valve based preamp I guess but ultimately it's the cartridge itself that presents the sound quality.
Preamps simply present this well or completely destroy the cartridges abilities.
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Oct 12, 2007
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I used to run a Delos and I too used the Trichord for a while. It was ok, but didn't get me out of my chair.
I switched to an EAT E GLO Petit and it made the Delos sing.
I couldn't recommend it highly enough and should be in an around your budget.


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