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Question Which earbuds for workout?


Jul 5, 2020
Hi folks!
I hope you're all doing well in this crazy period. :]

So, I'd like to buy a pair of true wireless earbuds for my hardcore workouts at the gym (powerbuilding, mainly), and I could spend up to 150€ (about 168$).
The main characteristics I'm looking for are as follows:
[1] great stability (I'd prefer a model with wings. I do resistance training, but also HIIT cardio sessions)
[2] not too big (they shouldn't protrude too much)
[3] to be wireless
[4] long battery life
[5] total commands (to control volume up and down, skip to the previous or next song, play/pause)
[6] good audio quality (I have to use them mainly at the gym, so I don't pretend they have an exceptional quality. By the way, is having aptX codec really so important?)

That said, I had a look at these models:
- Mifo 05 Plus - No wings, maybe not so handy commands, no aptX
- Mifo 07 - No wings, better commands than the prior model (but a worse battery life), aptX
- AirLoop - Maybe just a little too big?
- MPOW M30 Plus - No aptX, very cheap (so, low quality?)
- Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus - No aptX (for that price range, is it convenient not to have it?), low waterproof protection (just IPX 2!)

I hope you can help me make the right decision! Thank you in advance!
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With regards to your comment about"low quality", I bought SoundPEATS TrueFree + 5.0 couple of months ago and I'm truly astounded by the sound quality, especially for the price. Don't exclude a product simply on the basis of low price.


Jul 5, 2020
Thank you for your advice, bigboss. :)

The MPOW model seems to be very interesting and it has been often compared to Galaxy Buds Plus.
Probably I should have bought the Galaxy one, but is it convenient to spend about 120€ and not to have aptX codec support and a such a poor waterproof protection?