Looking for a pair of true wireless earbuds


Feb 23, 2022
Hi. I am looking to replace my old pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds plus as the battery life has taken a nosedive and I have had charging issues recently.
To narrow down my search a little bit, here are my use cases (ranked in order of most important to least)
  1. College: Zoom calls (Good microphone quality)
  2. Video Streaming/Podcasts router login
  3. Music (I like a balanced, leaning base heavy sound signature)
  4. Gaming (Low enough latency, not to picky and the most niche use case)
I know Sony released there Linkbuds the other day, but I have never used any sort of open style headphones, so I do not know if those are a good choice (And a lack of bass from what I have read). Since I use them for college, I like the idea of a more open design to let the surrounding world through better. I don't like how airpods look either and am an android user so I do not think airpods would be a great choice.
My budget is under $200. I have other Sony audio products and love all of them so I am leaning towards there new Linkbuds but what do you guys think?
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Mar 5, 2022
I have sennheiser momentum 2 true wireless , superb sound with music , film , phone but really comfy in ear buds , love them .
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Mar 4, 2022
I like headphones with transparency modes, so I can choose between letting ambient sound in or cancelling it out.

I also like in-ears (wired or true wireless) more than earbuds, because they’re more secure against falling out, and I like that I can change their tip size to fit just right.

All Bluetooth headphones have some lag, but it’s worth looking at the stats because some have Bluetooth codecs with practically imperceptible lag (such as aptX Low Latency, or aptX Adaptive). Keep in mind these high performance connections work best in ideal environments (so, like in your dorm room with your source in front of you, not outside with the source further away… aptX adaptive would switch to a longer range, more stable mode with a bit of a buffer+lag) and that TVs and mobile devices (android and iOS) have a feature where the Bluetooth headphones communicate exactly how much lag they have and tell movies to match the lip sync, so it’s literally just games (and Windows) where latency is a problem.


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