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Sorry about the erroneous post. I couldn't find how to type!

I'm in the process of upgrading my system and have bought a pair of monitor audio BR2 (second hand) and a new Yamaha A-S500 amp.

My current CD player is a very old JVC which has served well but is in need of retirement.

To go with the new amp I thought of the award winning Marantz CD6004 but then saw the Pioneer PD-D6MK2-K for a similar price which plays SACD too. This is something I would be interested in too. I was wondering if anyone had opinions on the suitability of each model for my little system of offer any other suggestions for a CD player.




The Marantz and the Pioneer were my main contenders when I was demoing the Yamaha... Finally went with the Marantz, it's definitely warmer and a better overall player, though the Pioneer is really a good CDp, it just didn't do as well IMO when paired with Yamaha and Monitor Audio (I bought the BX5). Pioneer doesn't help much with the hint of brightness of those last two together, and it's just too civilized to make some kinds of music attractive in my sense. But this is not brightness, nor polish, to an unpleasant level altogether, it's more a question of tastes. The thing is, as much as I like a sharp sound, even clinical to a degree, it still needs a spark of some sort, and I could easily get bored or annoyed upon playing Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica, or the likes, when using the Pioneer. It's not that the Marantz makes all the difference in the world, but it seems now that I can tirelessly listen to anything I feel up to, so in a sense it does for me. I kind of like a little of everything, and I don't regret the choice. And at the end, even though the Pioneer looks sleek with the blue led display and outlining, the cool unusual shape, it happens that the cheap plastic finish of the front plate (the kind that marks easily with just the touch of a finger), and the feather-light weight of cheaper designs, just don't compare with the sturdy built, size and brushed finish of the Marantz, which looks mighty fine too. But this is only a consideration of looks, and when it comes to skills, the Pioneer still has plenty.

A couple of things to consider : for the SACD compatibility it doesn't offer, Marantz provides a USB input, which can be pretty useful. Also, your type of music : with classical music, for example, pairing the Pioneer and stand-mounted MA can be revealing (still with the Yamaha in mind), you'll get the most precise timing and detailed midrange for that kind of money, it will achieve amazing placement of instruments in the soundstage, and in the right room I think it could shine. CD players that can play SACD's, at that price and with the skills the Pioneer has, are not a common thing. Then again, SACD's themselves aren't so common neither.

So it all comes down, as always, to your own tastes and needs. Try query AS500 + Monitor Audio in the Forums search bar here, you'll find loads of alternatives and advices in no time! I know for sure that the Marantz, and also Rega, come back quite often in many threads...

Good luck!


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Jun 10, 2011
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I got a Marantz Pearl Lite SACD last year and am very pleased with it. It replaced a highly regarded Micomega.

Another unexpected bonus with the Marantz, and something I thought I would never use but find I do, is the front USB socket. Although all my serious listening is done off CD the USB facility offers outstanding quality (depending on original source files) and is just so convenient for things like BBC podcasts and so on. Just put them on a USB stick and listen.

Now I don't want to worry you with this but as an engineer I see far too many reports of failed or problematic SACD mechs/lasers. That said I see the the Marantz is offered with a 3yr warranty and so looks a good buy for the money and I think that would be my choice of the two you mention.


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