Which 42/46 Panasonic plasma with smart, (3D not necessary)


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Aug 10, 2019
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Any chance you could help me identify which Panasonic plasma model I'm looking for? It won't be a 2012. Budget £500-£650 42, or 46 inch Smart (full web browsing not necessary) Would like to have a iplayer, movied download option. (We have hard wired CAT5 and an HDMI cable). 3 D not necessary, but I understand that the processing helps 2D pic. We like movies, but it won't be needed for games, and rarey sports. I'd probably settle for an older model if I could find one, as I'm sure when last year's came out, it was a revelation (aren't they all?) I've tried comparing on the panasonic site, and read the recent st30 v G30 post, but didn't understand the lack of DLNA media streaming issue. The sales comparison sites aren't always consistent with which model comes with. I think what I want is a 42 st30, or 46 st30, but don't understand tehdifference in laymans terms between that, the st30B and or the previous years models. Anyone? Thanks.

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Jun 4, 2007
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For that money you could stretch to the Panasonic TX-P46ST30 (doesn't matter if it has the 'B' on end or not; same set). If you're watching a lot of movies, bigger sets are better - assuming you're watching decent-quality content, obviously...

That set gives you access to Panasonic's Viera Connect smart services - older sets don't have access to all these 'smart' features - which includes BBC iPlayer and Acetrax movies. Netflix is on its way, though i've only seen this on 2012 sets to date.

In terms of 'smart' functionality, what the ST series lacks compared to the G/GT/V/VT sets above it in Panasonic's range is the ability to stream your own network content, plus the ability to record to USB.


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Jun 30, 2008
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We just got the 50st30 and we love it, the 46 st30 is now £549 and it's 3d if that your thing.You could try and find the g30, but their getting harder to find as 2012 models aren't that far away.I would go and look at a few and decide what your needs are.Either way Panasonic offer great quality tv's and Panasonic offer 5yr warranty in particapating stores.


We bought the p46st30 a month or two ago. £549 from PCworld;online price. Not a bad deal.

Great picture. The sound is shockingly bad. Sounds like an alarm clock radio.

Acetrax is crap. I can't believe how limited the selection is.

I guess a sound bar is on the cards.


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